Mazurka in South Harbour, Poor Knights Islands

The Poor Knights Islands Scuba Diving Liveaboard

Scuba Diving with Oceanblue Adventures on a Poor Knights Islands diving liveaboard charter, divers will enjoy the pick of the early morning sites and night diving on the Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve. Dive Poor Knights Islands and dive New Zealand's famous marine reserve. Enjoy the stunning scenery both underwater and at the surface in a relaxing atmosphere. MV Mazurka and her crew will be mooring at some of the best dive sites that The Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand, Northland and the Tutukaka Coast have to offer. Whether you are an individual or a group we can arrange an itinerary to suit your needs.

Why Liveaboard and Nitrox?

If you want to experience all that The Poor Knights Islands have to offer then you'll need to do more than 2 dives. On a day boat you will only do 2 dives per day, so if you want to do more dives then multiple days will be needed. So, factor in your accommodation and food costs (including lunches), and you'll soon see that the headline prices look fairly similar ($300 diving, $20 lunches, $25 dinner, $10 breakfast, $40 accommodation and $40 Air fills : Total $435). On a 2 day liveaboard you will get to do 6-7 dives (including a night dive, which day boats can't offer), so you get 2-3 extra dives for only $35! On a 3 or 4 day trip the costs get even better!! In order to enjoy these extra dives it makes sense to use Nitrox to maximize your bottom time (and enjoyment) - EAN32 will give you about 50% more no-deco time at 25m-30m. The $20 a day is a small price to pay for all that extra time fun.


Oceanblue staff are all GUE (Global Underwater Explorers) qualified and understanding of your configuration and dive needs during your trip. We can offer 32% Nitrox on every dive and our hire gear consists of Halcyon backplate/wings and regulators. Working closely with TechDiveNZ (Jamie Obern is New Zealands only GUE instructor) we can also arrange rental and support for a wide range of GUE/Halcyon gear - from doubles to stages to DPVs and even offer support for JJ-CCR rebreathers. For those of you looking for a deeper Poor Knights experience we can also supply GUE standard Trimix blends and deco gases. Check out our OceanGUE page for more details.